SandBox is a researching, developing, testing, educational, and prototyping platform designed for those pursuing essential IoT skills. This platform not only serves as a learning and development tool but also transitions seamlessly for use in actual production environments. It is a versatile solution that can be delivered either as a highly capable IoT PC or an IoT Edge device. Additionally, the solution can be offered as a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. This dual capability ensures that organizations can not only train their workforce on the latest IoT technologies but also implement these technologies effectively in their operations. By bridging the gap between learning and doing, this platform addresses the challenge of limited domain knowledge and vendor selection difficulties, paving the way for successful digitalization in a practical, hands-on manner.

SandBox is Jack-of-all-trades toolbox for OT and IT IoT Engineers. It provides a controlled researching, developing, testing, educational, and prototyping environment, enabling users to acquire domain expertise and confidently evaluate different vendor solutions. By bridging the knowledge gap and facilitating informed decision-making, our solution empowers entities to navigate the complexities of IoT implementation and select the right vendor for their specific needs.

SandBox uses SandBoxOS.

IoTConcept scheme


Currently, SandBox Cloud is running the latest version of SandBoxOS, while hardware versions are slightly behind. We are actively working on bridging this gap to make the hardware versions compatible with SandBox Cloud. Once this work is complete, we will provide an update for the hardware versions of SandBox.

Boxes running older versions of SandBoxOS will receive an update soon. These older versions do not support proper OTA updates, and the only way to update the software is through the package management system. This method is unreliable in this scenario because the boxes need to bridge a significant gap in features and architecture to reach the latest version.

The upcoming software update will feature an immutable design and a robust update mechanism based on OSTree. However, the initial switch to this new build will need to be performed manually once it ships.

To update, you will need to flash a USB stick with a new image, plug it into the SandBox, connect a display and keyboard, and select the USB drive from the BIOS boot menu. The installer will automatically set up everything with no user interaction required. Once this process is complete and the SandBox reboots, it will be in line with the SandBox Cloud edition and support a reliable OTA software update mechanism for seamless future updates.